NZ Bans Microbeads in Products

Cosmetic products containing tiny plastic particles known as microbeads will be banned in New Zealand by May 2018 – earlier than anticipated. Associate Environment Minister Scott Simpson said the ban would also be widened from that first proposed, to include all “wash off” products for visual appearance, exfoliating, cleansing or abrasive cleaning purposes. “Foodstuffs have already removed products with plastic microbeads from their shelves. Major manufacturers are also phasing out plastic microbead ingredients,” Simpson said. “This ban is part of a global initiative to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in oceans. The New Zealand ban parallels similar initiatives … Continue reading NZ Bans Microbeads in Products

Lexar NZ Reveals Essential Drone Photography Checklist

What to know before take-off. Drone photography has gone mainstream. Last year alone, hobbyists purchased 2.2 million personal and commercial drone units. That number is expected to top 3 million in 2017 and there’s no slowing in sight. For aspiring and professional photographers, drones are the newest go-to tool in the ever-expanding arsenal of photography. Whether it’s the traditional quadcopter, glider, or a personal selfie assistant, these flying photography platforms have democratised aerial photographs. Professionals and novices alike can now shoot high-quality aerial shots at an affordable price. Of course, this democratisation has caused some growing pains in the drone … Continue reading Lexar NZ Reveals Essential Drone Photography Checklist