-ding- You Have Holomail…

One of the enduring sci-fi moments of the big screen - R2-D2 beaming a 3-D image of Princess Leia into thin air in "Star Wars" - is closer to reality thanks to the smallest of screens: dust-like particles.

Apple is working on 3D laser for the iPhone

Apple engineers are reportedly working tirelessly to implement a 3D laser sensor to the back of the iPhone 8 that will help improve autofocus and be used for Augmented Reality. It's reportedly a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser and will bring a huge improvement to depth detection. The new laser sensor will be vital for Apple's newly... Continue Reading →

Sony ANZ launches new Laser Light Source Z-Phosphor Projectors

First laser 3LCD projectors designed for entry-level installation market Sony is expanding its range of laser light source (Z-Phosphor) projectors by introducing two new models aimed at making laser technology more cost-effective for the installation market. Designed for applications, including classrooms and meeting rooms, the new VPL-PHZ10 (WUXGA) and VPL-PWZ10 (WXGA) projectors bring the benefits... Continue Reading →

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