Verbatim Releases new anti-bacterial USB drives

Verbatim is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Microban International, the global leader in antimicrobial and odour control technologies, in the development of high-quality USB drives* enhanced with antimicrobial product protection. This key feature keeps USBs cleaner for longer, inhibiting bacterial growth and providing added confidence for customers.

USB drives are often used in school and office environments, being shared and passed around by many people. Even if USBs are disinfected frequently, it is still not enough to safeguard against bacterial growth between cleans. Verbatim has therefore turned to Microban and its large portfolio of antimicrobial technologies for an effective solution to meet the needs of its customers.

Microban antimicrobial technology is fully integrated into the USBs at the point of manufacture, and works by reducing the growth of surface bacteria, disrupting the vital life processes and biological functions that enable proliferation and reproduction of microbes. The built-in technology cannot be washed away, making it more durable throughout its entire lifetime and protecting the USB drive 24/7.

Given today’s global health climate, Verbatim understands the necessity of this product for customers and will begin manufacturing these exclusive USB drives* in the upcoming months.

Key Benefits of Verbatim USB Drives* featuring Microban Technology:
• Device stays inherently cleaner for longer with always-active, 24/7 product protection
• Lifetime protection against the growth of product degrading bacteria, extending useful life and functionality of the flash drive
• Greater peace of mind for end-users between handling and transport
• Contains a globally registered technology with a history of safe use
• Surface protection for a product that is often overlooked when cleaning