Four Tips for Staying Cyber Safe in 2020

As you move into 2020, these key tips from NortonLifeLock will help keep you Cyber Safe, so you can worry less and have more to look forward to this year while online.

1. New device for the holidays? Safely dispose of your old one
Keep your personal information private and help protect the environment. To wipe your old device clean, first back up your documents, pictures and other important data. Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to wipe the device clean of any of your personal information. Consider recycling your device if it won’t be used anymore.

2. While travelling or on the go, bring your own charging cable
Avoid borrowing someone’s charging cable or using public USB charging stations. Cybercriminals have figured out how to implant malware into charging cables and how to hack into USB charging stations in shopping malls and airports. Be sure to bring your own charging cable and power adaptor.

3. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) if you connect to public Wi-Fi
Public Wi-Fi networks, like those in cafes or airports, may be convenient to use, but hackers may be able to view your online activity while you’re browsing on these unsecured networks. This information can be used to hijack your personal accounts or steal sensitive information. A VPN, like the one in our newest Norton 360 plans, creates a secure tunnel for your data when connected to public Wi-Fi.

4. Do not fall prey to phone scammers
The IRD, the local police and telecom companies will never call you asking for personal identifiable information or passwords. Companies like NortonLifeLock or Microsoft will not call telling you that they detected a virus on your computer. If a bank, credit card company or loan officer calls unexpectedly, do not give them your information right away. Look up the institution’s customer service number and speak to an official agent directly and ask for clarification.