More Red Dot Awards for Epson

Seiko Epson Corporation recently announced that its large-format printers and an industrial robot had won the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category (Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020), marking the fourth successive year that Epson products have been recognised in this award. The company also said that its printers had been recognised for their second successive Red Dot: Best of Best Award.

Created in 1955 in Germany, the Red Dot Design Award is organised by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen design centre and is recognised around the world as one of the most prestigious awards in the design field. A jury of experts evaluates products announced during the past two years and selects the best designs based on nine criteria, including degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, ecological compatibility, and durability.This year’s winners were selected from entries from around the world.

Details of the award winning Epson products:

SureColor SC-P7560 and SureColor SC-P9560
Alongside the SureColor P7070 and P9070 (also known as the SureColor SC-P9050V and SC-P9050G outside NZ), regarded highly as the industry standards for reproducing high-quality images in fine art, proofing, and photo laboratories, these products provide the functional operability of high-quality professional tools, such as internal lighting to immediately check printed material and a neutral colour that does not interfere when making colour adjustments.

VT6L six-axis robot
This is a smooth and beautifully designed entry level 6-axis robot with curved surfaces that make it easy to install. Designed to automate simple transfer operations previously undertaken by humans,the main unit and the controller are integrated to enable space-saving and easy, and ease of use. Low ownership costs are achieved by reducing the cost of the main unit and lower running costs due to a batteryless motor unit.

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