Hands-On Reviews: PNY’s new HP-branded Flash Drives

HP x796w USB 3.1 Flash Drives

The HP x796w offers a mobile storage solution to store and share your music, photos, files and more. With a durable and elegant capless push/pull metal casing, it’s ideal as external storage.

Overall, while far from rubbish, it’s not going to appeal to the majority market due to the higher price tag. Knocking 30-40% off the ticket would give it a lot more appeal and value for money by bringing it in range of its actual peers.

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HP x760w USB 3.1 Flash Drives

Made of stylish metal material, HP x760w is the perfect solution to securely hang from your backpack, briefcase or anywhere, thanks to its convenient, flexible, clip-on hook design.

Overall, this unit was, for me, a bit of a Dark Horse and I am delighted by the revelation of much faster read speeds than stated. I won’t say you can bank on that happening for you, but it’s quite likely this will be a pleasing purchase, and make an excellent gift for the technogeek in your life too!

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HP v245o/v245L USB Flash Drives

A special design for sports lovers, this flashdrive is water and shock resistant.

Overall, while it looks cute, it seems to be another example of paying for the brand rather than any actual performance. I would not be quick to recommend this unit, and suggest you shop around a bit more.

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HP v150w USB Flash Drives

Offers a sleek mobile storage solution to store and share your music, photos, files and more. The durable sliding capless design and the blue gloss finish makes the perfect complement to ultrabooks. The integrated key loop easily attaches to key chains, handbags, backpacks, totes etc.

Overall, for the $32 price tag, I wouldn’t consider this to be a good investment, when you can buy USB 3 enabled versions from reputable brands for half the price, or unbranded versions via online marketplaces for even less. Unfortunately, I have to say… not worth considering this unit.

Read the full review here: https://djin.nz/Kr8708

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