Epson to Participate in Sustainable Brands 2021 Yokohama

Epson will participate in Sustainable Brands 2021 Yokohama (“SB’21 Yokohama”), a hybrid international conference that is to be held both online and at the Pacifico Yokohama North on 24 and 25 February. At this year’s event, Epson will showcase its efforts and printing technology which enhance sustainability in the fashion and apparel industry.

SB’21 Yokohama will be the fourth time Epson has featured at a Sustainable Brands conference. At the same time as the Yokohama event, SB’21 Asia-Pacific, the first multilateral conference, will be held in Korea, Malaysia and Thailand. Those conferences provide participants with an opportunity to highlight their sustainability efforts with the aim of building corporate recognition and promoting engagement.

Epson will participate in three programs at SB’21 Yokohama.

1. Plenary Session (plenary 1-7)
Here Director, Managing Executive Officer, and General Administrative Manager, Sustainability Promotion Office, Tatsuaki Seki, will give a speech entitled “Toward the realisation of a sustainable society”.

2. Breakout Session (E1-1)
During this session panellists including a designer and representatives from a retailer, a printing company and Epson will discuss from their various perspectives on the theme of, “Achieving a sustainable textile market with inkjet printing.”

3. Activation Hub
In the Activation Hub, Epson will demonstrate its collaboration with Japanese designer Aguri Sagimori, showing her latest sustainable fashion printed using Epson inkjets. You can see some of her work in this video after 24 February:

Epson’s goal is to be an indispensable company, one that is committed to openness, customer satisfaction and sustainability. The company tackles customer needs, addresses societal challenges and creates unique environmental value through their business activities with the aim of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and creating a better and more sustainable future.

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