Hands-on Review – Logitech Signature M650 wireless mouse

From the earliest mice – little more than a trackball upside down with a couple of switches wired to it – these little devices have played a disproportionately huge part in the evolution of computing technology and its rapid uptake into mainstream life. Without something as intuitive and easy to use as our primary interface into the digital realms (for now at least), it is debatable whether home PC’s would ever have taken off.

No longer wired into the machines, today’s top rodents are tail-free on the whole, but what makes this mouse stand out from the mischief is that it has two virtual tails – Bluetooth LE for those devices that support it, and a fallback with the Logi Bolt USB dongle for a dedicated lag-free channel. With most modern laptops and many desktops sporting BT transceivers, the ability to link the mouse to the PC quickly and without using up any USB ports is super user-friendly. However, having that fallback to USB should the desired device not support BT means that this mouse will still work on legacy tech should the need arise.

The placement of the buttons is good, and the silent-switch design means that it’s perfect for those who may want to use it while streaming or taking a call. Nothing worse than trying to hold a conversation with someone who can’t hear the racket they are making on the keyboard and mouse while zooming. However, one of the hyped features is the one that gave me the most trouble. The scroll-wheel, being also a button, can be configured for a number of purposes, and each configuration can be applied as an app-specific one or a global default. This means that the mouse can perform differently depending on which app is in the system’s focus… which can give rise to unpredictable results at times.

I usually adjust the volume of a movie in-play in VLC by flicking the scroll wheel to raise or lower the volume as needed. (Don’t get me started on sound engineers who think the wind blowing and leaves rustling in the pre-storm winds is more important to the audience than the lead character’s dialogue!) However, if I have another app in-focus at the time I start to flick the wheel – before I click into VLC’s window – then the mouse starts scrolling in hyperscroll mode, flinging the volume slider to whatever extreme is in the same ‘direction of travel’ – I either get mute or full 200% explosive audio violence. I then find myself frantic to click the wheel and reset it to normal-scroll speeds and lower/raise the volume as needed. Annoying, but can be adapted to in time.

This device is also part of the always-expanding Options+ clan of devices that can be ‘advanced’ configured by using the Logitech Options+ app. This gives you extra settings and configuration options not available through the system’s standard settings packages. Whether your Logitech devices have lighting effects, advanced/extra buttons, configurable behaviours, you name it… it either can now be, or soon will be, able to get tweaked to your heart’s desire. The app has recently come out of open beta and is being released as a full package to the wider market, so be sure to update it if you already have suitable devices. If you don’t have it, check the Logitech site for details on what devices are currently supported – you might be missing out!

The big news about this range is of course that it comes in left-hander format as well as large-hands format too. Not being a left-hander, it’s tough to comment on how well they managed to make it work, and the large-hands variant is surprisingly tough to find but that may change in time. So, for now, all I can say is that if they are mirror-image / scaled-up versions of the unit I tested, then they will be just as worthwhile keeping in mind. Another big bonus-kudo for this range is the eco-smart nature of its production. With at least 26% of the components of the Rose/White versions, and 64% of the Graphite version being made from post-user recycled plastics, these little beauties not only look and feel good, they are doing good too – diverting plastics into functional units that would otherwise likely end up in the landfill or worse.

Overall, Whether you have a good mouse and want an inexpensive ‘backup unit’, or may find yourself suddenly needing one, this is a good contender for your next ex-Mouse. Solid, with some good features that don’t cause price-bloat, it’s a great option in any scenario. However, if you need a dedicated performance interface device – such as for gaming or detailed image work – then swipe left on this one.


Disclosure Statement: This unit was supplied by Logitech expressly for the purposes of review. No fee was offered or accepted for this impartial review.

Introducing the new Logitech Signature M650 Wireless Mouse and Signature M650 for Business Wireless Mouse, a comfortable and personalised mouse with two different sizes and a left-handed option, offering a better experience for more people. The wireless mouse is designed to upgrade any desk setup and improve the overall work experience with features like SmartWheel scrolling, nearly silent clicks and a contoured comfort design that enables faster, more comfortable work than ever before.

With two sizes and a left-handed option, a contoured shape, a soft thumb area and a rubber side grip, the Signature M650 inclusive design allows you to work comfortably for extended hours and gives you the ability to customize the side buttons to favourite shortcuts with Logitech Options+. The Signature M650, available in off-white, graphite and rose, works with Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, ipadOS and Android operating systems. Connect in an instant via Bluetooth Low Energy or Logi Bolt USB receiver.

You can read the original press release [-here-]

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