Firefox Send – safely share files for free

Moving files around the web can be complicated and expensive, but with Firefox Send it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of services that let you send files for free but you often run up against small file sharing sizes or have to deal with links that don’t expire, leaving your information online indefinitely. Many of these tools can provide extra control and privacy, but only after you pay for a subscription.

If you’re tired of having to sacrifice your privacy or your money in exchange for sharing your data, there is now a better option. Firefox Send is a fully encrypted, free file sharing tool that allows you to send files through a safe, private link that you control. Relationships, jobs and activities change, so we think it’s important that you be able to set limits on how long your files live online. With Firefox Send you can set an expiry date or set a maximum number of downloads, giving you control over how long your file stays online. Plus you can add a password for an extra layer of security.

Firefox Send is great when you need to share files like a credit report to a possible landlord but don’t really want that report to go anywhere else. Sending a family video to relatives far away is as easy as dragging and dropping in onto the Send site. Because of Send’s end-to-end encryption and link expiry options you can feel safe knowing that those personal memories only get to the people you choose to share them with.

Do you have a big file? You can use Firefox Send to send it to anyone. You can share up to 1G per file. If you have a Firefox Account (which is also free) you get up to 2.5G per file. Unlike many other services, your recipient doesn’t have to have an account to get your file. Just a web browser and an internet connection.

Getting your information around the web safely, privately and on your terms has never been easier.

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