A Billion Ways to Save Endangered Colour

Together with Orana Wildlife Park, OPPO embarked on a journey to capture nature in its true full-colour beauty with the help of its latest Find X3 Pro smartphone. Working with photographer Lance Wordsworth and leveraging its billion-colour camera, OPPO aims to capture nature in its truest form, highlighting and driving awareness to endangered species in New Zealand.

“There are so many vibrant and beautiful native colours in New Zealand and it’s hard to imagine life without some of them,” said Managing Director of OPPO NZ Morgan Halim. “In light of our global collaboration with National Geographic, we wanted to really localise the Endangered Colour campaign and shine a light on some of our country’s most beloved animals that need our help.”

This campaign focuses on three endangered native species: New Zealand gecko, kea, and Maud Island/Hamilton’s frog. The content gives audiences the chance to experience nature from a new perspective and discover a world full of unimaginable colour.

“Orana Wildlife Park is privileged to contribute to DOC recovery programmes for six indigenous species as well as the ZAA managed breeding programmes for a range of endangered exotic species, to sustain genetically healthy and advocacy populations, which are essential to engage New Zealanders in actions to support our precious native species,” said Josh Brown, Assistant Manager of Native Fauna and Domestic Animals. “It’s been amazing to work with OPPO to capture the beautiful colours that make our native wildlife so special on the Find X3 Pro. Conservation is a core part of our mission and OPPO has helped support us in raising more awareness to some of New Zealand’s most unique species.”

Through raw and unfiltered, billion-colour footage, Endangered Colour aims to bring the true colour and textures of nature to life with 100% accuracy, preserving them far into the future and raising awareness of New Zealand’s endangered animals.

Taking action
Orana Wildlife Park is New Zealand’s only open-range zoo and is located in Christchurch. It strives to ensure all visitors feel a connection with nature and feel a responsibility towards the environment through messages that motivate, educate, and provide skills necessary to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

As part of the Endangered Colour campaign, OPPO has donated NZD $15,000 to Orana Wildlife Trust to help support its conservation efforts including its new White Rhino Conservation Centre. This new quarantine facility is in partnership with two Australian open range zoos and a charitable organisation, The Australian Rhino Project (TARP), to expand the managed rhino breeding population in Australia and NZ, and help to protect rhinos from extinction.

Join OPPO and Orana Wildlife Park in supporting wildlife conservation and protecting endangered colour for future generations: https://events.oppo.com/nz/orana-endangered-colour

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