Google Announces The End (of The Wait) Is Nigh!

As rumored last week, August 21 will be an important day for Google and its mobile operating system. That’s because the company promises we’ll “meet the next release of Android and all of its super (sweet) new powers” on that day, which is also the day of the total solar eclipse. Google will hold a special event for Android O in New York City on that date, starting at 2:40 PM ET. This will thankfully be livestreamed, the company revealed. A countdown to the big event is already live on the Android website.

We assume Google will finally reveal the release’s name on that occasion, and while many options for this have been rumored over the past few months, the most votes went to Oreo. It wouldn’t be unheard of for Google to partner with a company making a sweet treat – remember Android 4.4 KitKat?

It also makes sense to tie the unveiling of the name to the solar eclipse in this case, because Oreos kind of make you think of such an event – with the black disc covering its white creamy filling in much the same way as the moon covers the sun during an eclipse.

Want further proof? The filename for a video Google recently posted on Google+ (and since took down) contained the name Oreo right in it. Anyway, we’ll find out for sure in just over three days.

Source: Indian Express