OPPO AX7 Giveaway!

Thanks to the support of OPPO NZ, and in partnership with KIWIreviews.nz and Say what… Magazine, we are able to bring you a chance to win a brand new OPPO AX7 Smartphone.

To go into the draw, you need to collect three pieces of a codeword – one from the KIWIreviews facebook page, another from the February issue of Say what.. Magazine – and combine them into one complete word. Add that into the entry form on the KIWIreview website and you asre in the draw!

Oh… the third piece of the codeword? Here you go…

C – – R – – – E – – – T I – –

Each “-” marks a letter from one of the other two pieces – you will end up with a 15-letter word.

Have at it, folks… and thanks for joining in.

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