New iOS 11 Features To Get Excited About

The next version of Apple iOS is set to deliver a number of groundbreaking features, especially for iPad users. We spent some quality time with a public beta of the upcoming OS to experience all the new bits you should be excited about.

Improved Camera Experience
The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are among the best camera phones out there, and iOS 11 will make them even better. The new OS will bring more ways to capture Live Photos, including Loop and Bounce effects, as well as a Long Exposure capture option. The dedicated portrait camera mode on the iPhone 7 Plus will be greatly improved as well. You’ll be able to utilize the optical image stabilization and HDR capabilities of the camera, as well as its flash when capturing portraits. Best of all, thanks to a new High Efficiency Image File Format, iOS 11 will let you capture even more photos and videos before running out of space.

Customizable Control Center
With iOS 11, Apple will bring a more intuitive Control Center layout. It’ll also be customizable, allowing you to place the settings and features you use most right where you want them.

Better Keyboard
You’ll no longer need to switch between letters and symbols when using the stock iPad keyboard in iOS 11! Instead, you’ll be able to see and directly access all commonly used symbols via a long press or a flicking gesture. The iPhone keyboard, on the other hand, will get a dedicated one-handed mode. The feature will come particularly handy to users of the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, and the iPhone 7 Plus.

Augmented Reality Apps
Apple will introduce augmented reality apps and games for iPhone and iPad alongside iOS 11 – there’s already a kit for developers to create content ahead of the firmware’s official rollout. Augmented reality became a hot tech topic last year thanks to the Pokemon Go craze. By taking advantage of the iPhone and iPad’s powerful hardware, AR will deliver virtual content, blended into the real world. In case you’re wondering how much of a game changer iOS’ augmented reality will be, check out this simple, yet incredibly handy app made using the ARKit developer kit. By utilizing the iPhone’s camera, the app will deliver incredibly precise measurements, rendering the tape measure obsolete.

Fresh-Looking App Store
The App Store has the best selection of mobile apps and games in the business, and it’ll be completely redesigned in iOS 11. Sporting a sleek new interface, the revamped App Store will let you easily discover cool new games and apps. You’ll also have access to tips and tricks, as well as curated stories that highlight some of the coolest apps.

Peer-to-Peer Apple Pay Payments
This feature should have Venmo seriously worried. Starting with iOS 11, you’ll be able to send money to friends and family via iMessage. The feature will utilize your Apple Pay-linked credit or debit card, so it’ll be fast and efficient.

Smarter Siri
Siri will also get a big makeover in iOS 11. By utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning, Apple’s virtual assistant will become smarter, more intuitive, and a lot more natural to communicate with.

Dedicated Driving Mode
In iOS 11, Apple will try to save you from yourself by introducing a dedicated Do Not Disturb driving mode. The feature will enable your phone to sense when you’re behind the wheel and block any dangerously distracting notifications. People who are trying to reach you will be notified that you’re driving.

Improved Multitasking (iPad-Only)
Multitasking on your iPad will become even better once you install iOS 11. You’ll get completely revamped, even more intuitive app switches, as well as the option to seamlessly switch between pairs of active apps in Split View and Slide Over mode. The new iOS iteration will also enable you to seamlessly drag and drop text or files between apps on the iPad. The functionality is seamless, and you’ll probably end up using it quite a bit.

A Brand-New App Dock (iPad-Only)
The enhanced multitasking capabilities of iPads with iOS will get a further boost from the revamped app dock. Easily accessible from any screen and app on the tablet, the feature allows you to arrange your favorite apps just like you would on your Mac.

Dedicated File Manager (iPad-Only)
Lack of a native file manager has been a source of frustration for power users for quite some time, and Apple is finally going to address the issue for iPad users with iOS 11. The new Files app will not only let you view and organize files on your iPad, but it’ll also seamlessly integrate popular cloud storage services such as iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Improved Apple Pencil Functionality (iPad-Only)
The iPad Pro-exclusive Apple Pencil will also improve a great deal thanks to iOS 11. Taking notes and marking up screenshots and documents will become a lot more intuitive. You’ll also be able to start taking notes right from the lock screen of your iPad Pro. Apple iOS 11 will also allow you to natively scan and sign documents using the camera of your iPad.

Original Article By: Stefan Vazharov
Source: Popular Mechanics