Legendary Pokémon Coming Very Soon To ‘Pokémon GO’?

LeGoPokeLegendary Pokémon could be coming very soon to Pokémon GO, as hinted by a series of clues involving the still massively popular mobile game. There has been clamor for the addition of legendary Pokémon ever since the game was launched last year. The hype then reached fever pitch when Niantic Labs product marketing lead Archit Bhargava promised a “legendary” summer for Pokémon GO players.

Tests For Legendary Pokémon In ‘Pokémon GO’
In late June, data mining carried out by The Silph Road group discovered references to Legendary Battles, a Legendary Raid Ticket item, and a Legendary Battles Won badge. It appeared that legendary Pokémon will emerge in Pokémon GO through Legendary Battles that will work similarly to the Raid Battles introduced in the massive update last month.

The Silph Road has since come across tests for Legendary Battles, with the first one found a couple of weeks ago and the second one discovered very recently. A closer look reveals five Rhydon heads in white, signifying that the raids are level 5. With the tests being carried out, it could be assumed that Legendary Battles will be coming soon to Pokémon GO. The next clue, however, hints at a more definite timeframe.

App Store Ad For ‘Pokémon GO’
In another thread on The Silph Road’s sub-Reddit, a member shared a screenshot of the India version of Apple’s App Store that showed an advertisement for Pokémon GO. The same advertisement was later seen in the Singapore version. The text of the advertisement reads “Special Pikachu with Hat and first legendary Pokémon.” The special Pikachu with hat refers to the versions of Pikachu that can be caught wearing Ash’s iconic hat for the mobile game’s anniversary.

The mention of the legendary Pokémon, however, was entirely new, and it is unclear if the advertisements were posted prematurely. The advertisements have since been taken down, but not before teasing that the arrival of legendary Pokémon is imminent. The combination of the two Pokémon GO features in one advertisement is also significant. The special Pikachu will only be available until July 24, and with the mention of legendary Pokémon in the advertisement, that would mean that Niantic Labs will introduce legendary Pokémon before July 24, so that they will be available alongside the special Pikachu in the game.

In the original trailer for Pokémon GO, two friends were seen taking on Mewtwo in what appears to be a Raid Battle in New York. Could this mean that Mewtwo will be the first legendary Pokémon coming to Pokémon GO through Legendary Battles? We will likely find out soon.

Source: TechTimes